Siegrist Engraving Company
Kansas City, Missouri

Company History

Ivan Siegrist, Henry Siegrist and Frank Siegrist in 1952 at the 50th Anniversary celebration

Founded in 1902 by Henry S. Siegrist, the Siegrist Engraving Company is in it's fourth generation of continuous family ownership.  In the early 20th century, the company developed a reputation for producing fine quality stationery products.  This tradition continued under the leadership of his two sons, Frank and Ivan Siegrist.

Frank Siegrist, Don Ebling and Ivan Siegrist at work.

After returning from World War II, Don Ebling, son-in-law of Frank Siegrist started his career working at "SECO" with Frank and Ivan.  Don and Marjorie Siegrist Ebling assumed ownership and incorporated the business in 1963, when Frank and Ivan retired.  After serving in Vietnam, Bruce Ebling joined his father full time in the family businss in 1970.  Then in 1981, Frank Ebling came to work at "SECO" with his father and brother.  Don Ebling passed away in 1984 and that same year Ann Ebling, Bruce's wife, started work at the company.

Frank and Bruce Ebling in the conference room.

Today in 2016, just as in 1902, the Siegrist Engraving Company continues the tradition of producing fine stationery.  The present day members of the Siegrist/Ebling Family wish to thank our loyal customers, suppliers and especially our dedicated employees, both past and present, for over 114 years of quality.

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